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Library of Whispers
It is most befitting, if I may say so. To die in here I mean. I sit there, in the dark. The blinking fluorescent lights illuminate the place every now and then. When they do, I catch glimpses of the two kids that lay in the children’s area. A brother and sister, I presume. I could not believe their parents would allow them to come to this place. At least not now, not in the current state of our world. Then again, I guess it’s the parents who are really at fault for all that has happened. I doubt anyone could have predicted when the inevitable would take place.
I bring my trembling hand to my aching shoulder. As I sit there against a pillar, one of many that hold up this place that will undoubtedly fall, I reflect upon my life. I missed the chance to get married when I was younger and now… well, who wanted to marry an “old goat” anyway? I exhaled a breath in attempts to calm my weak body. I shake my head. With all the attempts that were made to make this wo
:iconcyres1:Cyres1 7 3
The Protector of the Paths
In the beginning, there was truly nothing. Then, the one who willed all things into existence brought something. Worlds were made in levels. Paths were created. All revolved around the centre of all existence. In a prewritten path they swim. Around and around and around.

Among countless worlds resided a young and a very much unique world. It bore beings, not of itself, beings able to choose freely the paths which they are to take. It was not long before they were banished from that world due to the paths they chose.

Soon after the first effluvia of that young world was purged from its surface, a new race took its place. A race differentiated from the previous only through the composition of their material bodies. Instead of being of foreign properties, this new race was made from that young world itself. They were made for that world and of it, all at the same time.

As that world continued to revolv
:iconcyres1:Cyres1 4 7
The Storm
It’s coming! I dashed across my room, swung the door open, ran out into the hall, and towards a ladder at the far end. I slipped and fell flat on the ground. I laid there for a moment before hopping to my feet. That’s what I get for running on a freshly washed floor and barefoot at that.
I got to the ladder and scampered upwards. At the top, there was a small metal door on the ceiling. I reached for the handle and slid it open. It was kind of hard, but I’ve become strong. Almost like my papa, but not yet. When it was open wide enough, I climbed out onto our ginormous rooftop. You wouldn’t know it, but it was actually enclosed in a glass dome.
Papa was on the edge tinkering with some gadgets that were for… I really have no idea what they were for. I quickly slid the door shut and ran towards him. When I got to the edge of the rooftop, I pulled myself up onto the railing that my head didn’t reach yet and sat there. After a moment, Papa ha
:iconcyres1:Cyres1 35 18
There is a Place where this Happens by Cyres1 There is a Place where this Happens :iconcyres1:Cyres1 15 15 In the fountain: Temporary Book Cover by Cyres1 In the fountain: Temporary Book Cover :iconcyres1:Cyres1 5 2 In the fountain by Cyres1 In the fountain :iconcyres1:Cyres1 14 3 Lie Style Change (2.2) by Cyres1 Lie Style Change (2.2) :iconcyres1:Cyres1 4 7
Mature content
Child of the Shadows - Chapter 1 :iconcyres1:Cyres1 3 6
WIP: Lie Style Change - Possible Contest Entry by Cyres1 WIP: Lie Style Change - Possible Contest Entry :iconcyres1:Cyres1 4 2 Quick Sketch: Lie Style Change (2.1) by Cyres1 Quick Sketch: Lie Style Change (2.1) :iconcyres1:Cyres1 3 3 Quick Sketch: Lie Style Change (2) by Cyres1 Quick Sketch: Lie Style Change (2) :iconcyres1:Cyres1 3 0 Quick Sketch: Lie Style Change by Cyres1 Quick Sketch: Lie Style Change :iconcyres1:Cyres1 3 0 Contest Entry WIP: Lie by Cyres1 Contest Entry WIP: Lie :iconcyres1:Cyres1 6 6 And in the Reflection of... there is by Cyres1 And in the Reflection of... there is :iconcyres1:Cyres1 16 47 Tree in the middle by Cyres1 Tree in the middle :iconcyres1:Cyres1 3 8 Quick Sketch: Lie - Possible Contest Entry by Cyres1 Quick Sketch: Lie - Possible Contest Entry :iconcyres1:Cyres1 2 4


by simbalm

When I first saw this piece, I was like: "Wow! What the...? Is that water/tidal wave coming from behind the mountains there?" I must sa...

We have a great shot of the underbelly of a-what seems to be a female orb spider (not sure, though, even after a whole day of research)...

by Cronaj

My God, is this an intense one! We are drawn right away to the man who is crying, embracing the dead and bleeding child. The immediate ...

by simbalm

This picture is that of an oasis in a desert. That of a paradise in a hell. At first, I thought the man was praying, but then I looked ...


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Cyres1's Profile Picture
Cyres Mhe'eilhov
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I am Cyres; an aspiring artist and author. I love all art (and artists), but I especially have an affinity for the abstract and the surreal; that which bends reality and provides glimpses into the darkness of this world. Nay, but verily glimpses into worlds beyond our own; worlds fathomed and limited by only that of the human mind.

I am also a fan literature of all types. Among that which I like are Brave New World, 1984, and The Wretched of the Earth (see more of my favourites below, in my interests). As mentioned earlier, I also am an aspiring author, for I am writing a mainstream novel I am titling (for now) "Under which Rivers Flow" -you may not take that title. I also write fanfiction, the most prominent of which is my WIP "Child of the Shadows".

I take great pleasure, and find it a great honour to welcome new deviants to DeviantArt. I do so as often as possible and am a guide (or as DA puts it, a "kindred" guide/ambassador) to them.

So, that's an introduction me. If you have any problems on this site, questions, or just want someone to talk to, don't ever hesitate to send me a message/note :)


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There will be a fourth category "Misc", which may be put forward to one of the previously mentioned categories, or put forward for something else that will support others.

Please note that calculations made will be based on the total number of 10,000 points. So, for every 10,000 points cumulated, the calculations that are to be mentioned below, will be done.

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If you have any questions, concerns, advice, or suggestions, please send them my way in a note. Thank you :)

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"No great leader of men is a perfect person and a perfect person is no great leader of men." by rjdubbya
Sorry guys for my long hiatus. I should be back soon and my features should be back up and running soon as well. 

Everything has been going well for me, just I have been extremely busy. How are you guys doing?
What I was thinking when I changed the title of my long-time-due #55th post of Sequence of Inspiration to: "I have come back to life!"…
Sorry, guys. For those of you who have been wondering where the features I try to get out have gone, just know that I am trying to get them out soon.

I have been extremely busy... and tired.

Oh, and for those wondering where I have been, I'm still around :D

I just finished rushing to write a piece that's due 11:59 pm PST (soon):

Anyway, I didn't mean to disappear on anyone :)


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